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Friends of Haigh Country Park

Links to Useful Websites

Here you will find links to useful, related websites.

Links are displayed in alphabetical order.

Arthur Lloyd

An interesting look at theatres and halls around the country, particularly in Wigan.

Visit Arthur Lloyd

Billinge History Society

A website devoted to the ancient parish of Billinge with many photograph's to look at.

Visit Billinge History Society

Charity Commission

Charities receive support from society in many ways and the public have the right to expect charities to be open and accountable. Public trust and confidence in charities is high - we want to make sure it stays that way.

Visit Charity Commission


Les Hilton and Tim Cook are Chonkinfeckle, a ukelele due who hail from the town of Wigan in Lancashire.

Visit Chonkinfeckle

Crooke Village

Crooke is a small village situated a couple of miles to the west of Wigan town centre.

Visit Crooke Village

Disused Stations

A catalogue of former stations now disused. Here you can find places such as Wigan Central, Boer's Head and Red Rock.

Visit Disused Stations

English Heritage

English Heritage exists to protect and promote England's spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood. Website includes lots of useful information including listed buildings at risk.

Visit English Heritage

Fields In Trust

Fields in Trust (FIT) is the only independent UK wide organisation dedicated to protecting and improving outdoor sports and play spaces. Through our work we have been improving the health and well-being of millions of people nationwide and strengthening communities since 1925.

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Friends Of Haigh Country Park

The objectives of the group are to develop and maintain facilities in the Hall and Country Park that the residents of Wigan will enjoy using.

Visit Friends Of Haigh Country Park

Friends Of Leyland Park

The Friends of Leyland Park are a community group, dedicated to improving the standard of Leyland Park in Hindley, Lancashire and more importantly, by way of hosting events, bringing the entire community together!!!


Visit Friends Of Leyland Park

Heritage Alliance

The Heritage Alliance is dedicated to the preservation of the architectural, historical, and cultural heritage of our region and to providing educational experiences related to history and heritage for a wide range of audiences.

Visit Heritage Alliance

Heritage Magazine

Celebrating Britain's rich past and historic present.

Heritage magazine is the leading British history and travel magazine, packed with news and features on Britain’s finest stately homes and castles, practical guides to its most beautiful cities, coast and countryside and in-depth articles on its kings and queens, heroes and villains.


Visit Heritage Magazine

Heritage Trust For The North West

Heritage Trust for the North West (Charity Number: 508300) is a Building Preservation Trust registered with the Architectural Heritage Fund. Its aims are to restore and find appropriate new uses for Buildings at Risk in the North West.

Visit Heritage Trust For The North West

Heritage Works

Heritage Works is a registered charity that regenerates historic buildings whose cost of repair is uneconomic for the private sector. Working with a range of partners, Heritage Works, formerly Ancoats Buildings Preservation Trust (ABPT), is able to acquire, refurbish and resell (or lease) property, operating as a 'developer motivated by heritage rather than profit'.

Visit Heritage Works

Hindley Green Residents Association

Hindley Green Residents Association (HGRA) is a group of ordinary people who care about Hindley Green. The objectives of HGRA is to safeguard and promote the interests of the residents in the area on matters concerning the environment.

Visit Hindley Green Residents Association

Historic Chapels Trust

The Historic Chapels Trust (HCT) was established in 1993 to take into ownership redundant chapels and other places of worship in England which are of outstanding architectural importance and historic interest. The object is to secure their preservation, repair and maintenance for public benefit, including contents, burial grounds and ancillary buildings.

Visit Historic Chapels Trust

Mesnes Conservation Area Group

We are seeking to maintain and enhance the quality and quantity of the Mesnes Area Neighbourhood and hence visibly improve the local environment for commercial and residential inhabitants.

Visit Mesnes Conservation Area Group

National Federation Of Cemetery Friends

The formation of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends was the result of heritage and conservation minded groups concerned about the decline in care of our Victorian cemeteries meeting like minded volunteers.

Visit National Federation Of Cemetery Friends

National Trust

The National Trust is a charity and is completely independent of Government. They rely for income on membership fees, donations and legacies, and revenue raised from their commercial operations.

Visit National Trust

Planning Sanity

Planning Sanity was set up to help local communities tackle adverse planning and development applications that threaten to blight their communities.

Visit Planning Sanity

Public Monuments & Sculpture Association

The PMSA aims to heighten public appreciation of Britain's public sculpture, and to contribute to its preservation, protection and promotion.

Visit Public Monuments & Sculpture Association

Save Britain's Heritage

Save Britain's Heritage have been campaigning for historic buildings since its formation in 1975. A very similar group to Save Wigan but on a national scale.

Visit Save Britain's Heritage

Swinley Residents Group

A passionate group who are keen on improving the well-being of their community. Plenty of heritage issue in this part of Wigan.

Visit Swinley Residents Group

The Architectural Heritage Fund

The Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity founded in 1976 to promote the conservation of historic buildings in the UK.

Visit The Architectural Heritage Fund

The Chapels Society

The Chapels Society seeks to foster public interest in and knowledge of the architectural and historical importance of all places of worship and their related structures in the United Kingdom, loosely described as Nonconformist.

Visit The Chapels Society

The Lancashire Society

A group who are set to preserve the literary heritage of Lancashire. It has become clear, in recent times, that the spoken and written heritage has been neglected by many inhabitants of this county and only enthusiastically promoted by a few.

Visit The Lancashire Society

The Prince's Foundation

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment is an educational charity which exists to improve the quality of people’s lives by teaching and practising timeless and ecological ways of planning, designing and building.

Visit The Prince's Foundation


Townscape operates under the direction of Jason A Kennedy, who has over 16 years direct experience in working in local government both in building conservation and urban design roles.


Visit Townscape

Tradition Films

Tradition Films Limited (formerly Mirabilis Media Limited) is a video production and training company which specialises in heritage, arts and social issues.

Visit Tradition Films

Victorian Society

The Victorian Society is the champion for Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales.

Visit Victorian Society

War Memorials Trust

War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of war memorials in the UK.

Visit War Memorials Trust

Wigan Archaeological Society

This small but well established group was formed in 1982.

Visit Wigan Archaeological Society

Wigan Civic Trust

A society that takes an interest in the environment and heritage of Wigan. They have monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month at St. Goerge's Church, Water St, Wigan at 7.30pm.

Visit Wigan Civic Trust

Wigan Grammar School

A comprehensive website giving you all you need to know about the former grammar school.

Visit Wigan Grammar School

Wigan Heritage Network

The Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network is the forum for anyone concerned with Environment, Heritage, History and Archaeology matters, throughout the entire Wigan Borough, to meet on a regular basis and exchange news, views and aspirations.

Visit Wigan Heritage Network

Wigan Heritage Service

The hub for all things heritage in Wigan Borough.

Visit Wigan Heritage Service

Wigan History

A forum discussing Wigan's rich heritage. This website has been placed in to categories for easier navigation. Some projects have been undertaken which make interesting reading.

Visit Wigan History

Wigan Parish Church

The Parish Church of All Saints Wigan is by far the oldest church in Wigan but when it was founded and when the Christian religion was first established in Wigan is unknown.

Visit Wigan Parish Church


Wiganworld is Wigan's biggest and busiest community website for our town. Attracting over 2,500 unique visitors daily with many thousands of photos, history, message boards and other pages of local interest.

Visit WiganWorld

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